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How much time have you already wasted pitching investors who don't understand your business?
Online Program
Starts November 2nd, 2017
SmartMoney 30 Day Sprint Program Includes:
4 Instructional Webinars
4 Ask-Me-Anything Sessions with our founder JD Davids  
Investor Target List Template 
You'll learn how to create your list of pre-qualified SmartMoney Investors
Deal Breakdown Template
Market Map Template 
You'll learn how to identify all key players in your industry, including:
  *All VC and Angel deals in your industry
  *All successful M&A exits in your industry
  *Gorillas & potential buyers of your company
  *Potential Strategic Partners 
1 Month Membership in SmartMoney StartUps
Community Mastermind

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Sprint Starter Package 
1. Pitchdeck Review & Recommendations
2. Fundraising Strategy Checklist
3. Fundraising Campaign Jumpstart 
Module 1:  Market Mapping
Start the Research and Meet Your Fellow Members
Learn how to navigate multiple database tools to get an in-depth look at your industry, competitors and relevant VC & M&A deals. 
Understand how to filter and prioritze the key findings from the database research and why it's important for your business.  
Meet the community and learn how the diverse skills can build each other up.  
Module 2:  Targeting Deals & Investors
Find Investors That Are Right For Your Company
Learn how to use a deal centric approach to finding investors
Use investment databases to triangulate key information about acquisitions and the individuals and firms who invested early in those deals
Unlock investment trends from this research and use those findings to build your shortlist of SmartMoney investors.
Module 3:  Fundraising Campaign Roadmap
Make the Plan for Meeting SmartMoney Investors 
Build a fundraising stratedy plan based off your SmartMoney shortlist.
Combine the SmartMoney shortlist of investors with Market Map industry findings to more fully understand the investor mindset and industry trends.
Prioritize your SmartMoney investor list in anticipation of your outreach campaign.
Module 4:  Email Templates & Warm Introductions
Work the Plan and Get Meetings
Work one-on-one with the SmartMoney team to highlight the key metrics and milestones for your deal using provided SmartMoney templates.
Learn our efficient process for discovering common connections with key investor targets.
Begin your outreach campaign with the direct supervision of our expert team. (i.e. we will hold your hand!)


​Find the RIGHT Investors for your company with our team's help.  
Our team of experts has helped companies like yours get meetings and close over $1 Billion in deals.  

SmartMoney StartUp Fundraising 30-Day Sprint
Only $1,000

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Late Registration closes Nov. 1st, 2017

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Chris Fawcett
Founder & CEO, Stickshift
"J.D. brings expertise in fundraising and deal management that is really adding a lot of value to our company, along with deep strategic insights".
Greg Kostello
Founder & CEO, Givit
"JD understands how to finance and monetize innovative new technologies and he provides sound advice that is helpful to  entrepreneurs at any stage of growth."