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SmartMoneyPlaybookBannerExcellent! Congratulations on the money that you have already raised. The good news is that we have lots of resources on this site to help you prepare for your next round of funding.

First things first. Click here to grab my SmartMoney Playbook. It will explain in detail everything you need to know about raising money from the “right” investors the next time around.

If you’re new to the concept of “SmartMoney,” watch as I explain what SmartMoney is, and the three simple tests to know if an investor is a smart money investor or not.

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Now, here are a dozen excellent articles and videos to get you ready for your next investment round:

  1. Why SmartMoney Investors are So Critical to Your Success
  2. Create a Target Investor List to Quickly Raise SmartMoney
  3. The Two Questions Every Entrepreneur Asks About Raising Money
  4. The Cost of Not Raising Smart Money
  5. How to Screen Investors in Your Startup
  6. Put Down the Shotgun: Raise SmartMoney
  7. How to Choose Which Angel Investors to Partner With
  8. Secrets to Discovering VC’s Who Will Fuel Your Growth
  9. Networks: The Secret Ingredient in Entrepreneurial Success
  10. Do You Want to be CEO or to be Rich?
  11. How to Get Investors to Meet with You
  12. Why Investors Aren’t Listening to You

Click here if you’d like our expertise in creating YOUR investor target list.

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