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Most entrepreneurs aren’t sure where to look for investors. As a result they often take a chaotic approach when fundraising. This is like aiming at a distant target with a shotgun rather than using a rifle with a high-powered scope.

The problem with the shotgun method is that it’s an inefficient time killer. CEOs can waste months looking for investors in their business instead of focusing on their business. As a result, their business suffers.

More often than not they fail to raise money, leaving them worse off than when they started. Even if they do raise money it’s usually from the wrong investors. Investors without the experience or connections that can propel the business toward a big payday. In other words, they fail to raise “SmartMoney.”

Successful entrepreneurs that have navigated fundraising and lucrative exits know a secret. They learned that there is a systematic process for targeting and meeting with the right investors.

The good news is that I’m gonna let you in on the secret. In my workshops, I share what they know so you too can win the fundraising game.

I’ll share with you…

  • Why you are WASTING VALUABLE TIME pitching investors that DON’T UNDERSTAND your business.
  • 5 Ways to Identify SmartMoney Investors that bring MORE than just cash to your deal.
  • How to get a meeting to close the deal.
  • Tips on how to get warm introductions.

Your host, JD Davids has closed over $1 BILLION in financial deals including equity fundraising from Angel Investors, Venture Capital Firms, Strategic Corporate Investors, IPOs and acquisitions.

Upcoming Workshop Dates


June 22, 2016
San Diego, CA
Invitation Only Event
JD Davids  with Jeremy Glaser, Hosted by Mintz Levin
TITLE: Reverse Engineering an Exit

Recent Workshops

June 1, 2016
Boston, MA
TITLE: How to Accelerate Fundraising for Your Startup
JD Davids with David Chang

June 13, 2016
San Diego, CA
Start-Up Week
Thousands of Entrepreneurs, One Incredible Week
TITLE: Accelerate Your Startup Fundraising
JD Davids

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