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I love nothing better than sharing what I have learned with those who are eager to build their businesses. If this sounds like you, we need to connect.

Here are five ways you can access my knowledge and experience. I have arranged these in order, from those that require the least investment to those that require the most.

  1. Search my site. I’ll be writing two blog posts per week related to funding your business. Chances are I’ll address your question or issue, so feel free to use the search box in the upper right-hand corner of this page.
  2. Subscribe to my updates. I publish two new blog posts a week. I write on how to fund startup companies so entrepreneurs can realize their dreams. I cover angel and venture investing, entrepreneurship, building management teams and boards of directors and similar topics. By subscribing, you’ll get my latest thinking delivered straight to your inbox. Learn more …
  3. Buy one of my products. You can find them all in my store. They include solutions to help you find the right (SmartMoney) investors for your startup. Learn more …
  4. Book me as a speaker. I enjoy speaking on the topic of entrepreneurship and fundraising for corporations, conferences and trade associations. If you have an event you would like me to consider, just shoot me an email.
  5. Attend one of my events. I frequently speak on how to accelerate funding and find SmartMoney investors. Keep an eye on my event calendar and attend one of my events.

If you have something else in mind, other than what I have outlined, feel free to e-mail me. Someone on my team would be happy to talk with you.

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